Sunday, February 28, 2010

Spidey Sense

Hello friends! Sorry for a month of sparse updates, but really nothing has been happening, I promise. BUT! a mere two days ago, Miss Stephanie Awesome Pan has finished coding bits and pieces of our website! The URL is as follows:

I know, our address is SO original. Right now, it's just the home page that has information of any sort, but as time goes on, more and more will be completed! So yes, in case you are that bored at work or class or whatever, and since, apparently, this blog will be getting fewer updates from now on (I mean come on, most of the big things have been covered, right?) you can all amuse yourselves there and stare at our wonderful website.

She hasn't told me this outright, but I'm sure Stephanie Awesome Pan is up for some freelance work in case you are interested :P

Monday, February 1, 2010


Only six months until the big day! Leslie and I have been pretty regularly corresponding about graphics and images for our wedding stationary, and it's made me notice how ridiculously quickly time passes. Not only have invitations been ordered, but I have been hectically collecting emails so that we can get the save-the-dates out quickly and promptly. I've also been making sparse plans for my trip home in March so that I can have sufficient time to address those envelopes. And can you believe it's been ten months since Victor proposed to me??

Now that I'm back on the East Coast, wedding crazy-ness isn't as present in my life, but once in awhile I will get into a panic when I think of all I have to do. Just today, I had a panic attack because I owed Stephanie some information that was due YESTERDAY, and I just remembered to email the company ordering the invitations the approval for their proofs a few days ago even though I got the email a week ago.

As the number of email threads tagged "Wedding" increases in my Gmail inbox, I'm starting to look more critically at the ideas that I have and how it relates to what this day and this relationship is all about. A few of my previously strongly-held ideas have been thrown out the window as too extravagant and as something that really misses the point of this event anyway. I'm happy to say that I am concentrating more on the meanings of everything that we have, and I am also talking with Victor more and more about each of my crazy ideas. He, of course, contributes more willingly now that the day is closer :)