Sunday, November 15, 2009

May I Help You to Your Seat?

Instead of working on our papers like the good students we presumably are, Victor and I have instead been working on the escort/seating cards for our reception.

ESCORT/SEATING CARDS?!?!?! You may exclaim. Why would we need to do those when our guest list has yet to be finalized?! How could we possibly be figuring out the seating arrangements when we don't even have a list of people whom we have invited, much less RSVP'd and chosen the chicken or the vegetarian (Just kidding, those will not be our dinner options)?

Well, it's really more for experimenting with images. Victor and I have decided to try something new and fun and completely us, but that (as always), requires a lot of hard work and research and figuring out. Now that we've got a pretty good idea of what we're going to actually do, I'm getting pretty excited about actually putting these things all together. Though I see myself complaining and whining to my bridesmaids after an hour of measuring, cutting, and gluing there is still a part of me that can't wait for June and July to come so I can get all crafty again!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Register me excited!

Hello everyone! I know Maureen has already posted on the registry, but the registry is an ongoing process. And unfortunately, you don't have the groom's perspective. . . yet. Registering has definitely been the most exciting part of wedding planning so far. The reason being that while we were doing the registry, I wasn't only thinking about the wedding but also the impending marriage. Registering for kitchen tools and gadgets made me think about the weekends that we would spend cooking all sorts of goodness. Oh. . . goodness. . .

Researching for quality appliances and equipment is also fun. Signing up for Cooks Illustrated one day pass, looking through consumer search and reading Amazon reviews are very helpful and exciting. It is at this time that I have to confess to my buying habits. Most of the time, it takes me a while to buy something, because I will want to have done at least some research or if it is a tangible object in a store. . . I will pick it up and play with it. This is the most difficult part of shopping for me. But with registering, life is so much easier because I don't spend 5 hours pacing debating on whether I have the money or should spend the money, because one of our guests will have that opportunity *wink*. What I can do is research the heck out of that vacuum so that when someone buys it for us, it'll be the best darn vacuum that will last forever. (FYI: whoever gets us that vacuum may become my new BFF forever).

I'm also excited about moving back to California. And like Maureen, I'm also sad. It's weird, and I'm sure Maureen feels the same way, but I already miss her and I think I will keep missing her until she graduates in May. Four months is not that long of a time, technology will help us communicate in ways we couldn't in the past, but still.

Anyway, that's it from me for now, see you in two to three months. hahah just kidding.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Bye Bye Birdie

Like the weird shiny lights in the photo above, Victor is being whisked away from me for a semester. [GASP] This is both a :( and a :) sort of event. Maybe I should elaborate:

Two years ago, Victor and I decided to apply to schools on both sides of the coast because we wanted to see what else was outside of San Diego/CA. We got lucky and both ended up about an hour from each other in the state of NY. This part, you all probably know. If you don't, I'm not quite sure why you're following this blog...

Six months ago, the two of us began to debate whether we wanted to stay in the state or if we wanted to return to California after completion of both our programs. After going back and forth and the life-changing event of my sister's pregnancy, we decided on the latter, with the only remaining question of when. The most realistic option seemed to be for me to graduate from my program in May and then stay here with my new hubby for a year while he finishes his last year, after which we'll be heading back home.

Shortly before summer vacation ended, Victor found out about Santa Clara Law's transfer program. Now, Santa Clara Law is far from the only JD-granting program that offers the option of transfers. The difference is that SCL is one of the few who offers this option to a second-year student MIDYEAR. The option of transferring seemed to be closed to us when we started talking about it in the summer because most applications had been long overdue, and it's not exactly the kind of move that law schools take lightly. Furthermore, the school Victor currently attends is far from making the top 100 list, while SCL occupies the 85th ranking. Sure, it's no Stanford, but that's still a pretty big jump, so the transfer was far from a guarantee. Victor would also have to forfeit a number of opportunities that he's gained for himself at his current campus, but it all seemed worth it for a network in California and 3000 miles closer to mom and dad (for both of us). So September and October came and went, and Victor's application was turned in.

TODAY. Victor sends me an email titled "HEY!" Yes, with the caps and the exclamation mark at the end. Checking the message sends me over to SCL's "application status check" with the revealing information that HE WAS ACCEPTED.

[Cheers and whoops go off in my head]

Then I realized that he'd be far far away where Shrek's in-laws live.

[Sad faces and pouting erupts]

So as you can see, this event is both a cause for celebration and a reason why I might be snappy and irritable for the months of February through May. Just a warning. But be sure to congratulate Victor about this great accomplishment :)