Wednesday, July 15, 2009

photo boof

So Maureen and I want to have a photobooth at our wedding. After browsing some wedding websites, we decided that this photobooth would be best DIY. I mean, we had most of the necessary equipment, i.e. camera and tripod, and photobooth rentals would put a significant strain on our budget. I had found photobooth software that pairs itself with Mo's DSLR, and it offered a free 15day trial! That means I can download it 14 days before the wedding and test it out and then use it day of! Fantastic! I also found out a nifty trick by which you could turn a cell phone headset into a remote shutter button. We were all set....or so we thought.

When I tried to put the software together with the remote shutter, plugging camera into the computer for some reason disables the shutter button and pictures can only be taken from the computer....bummer. So that leaves us with two options:

1. Use the remote shutter and pair the camera with a TV display (if possible) and just take a simple picture.


2. Use the software and have some poor soul run to the computer to click the shutter and run back into position. Which will result a more customizable photograph in the end (e.g. multiple pictures, strips, backgrounds and titles).


Thursday, July 2, 2009

Tipsy Turvy

Although I had entertained the idea of having a dry wedding, Victor and I realized that we have too many alcoholic friends. Well, not alcoholic (for the most part), but the majority of them do love a little something to help get their groove on.

However, neither of us looked favorably upon the $20/L price attached to Dionysius' favorite drink. And that's for the nearly incredibly cheap editions too! Don't even begin to talk about how hotels and other venues will overcharge you by an arm and leg, forcing you to pay a $15 corking fee per bottle on top of the wine itself, or charge you $80 for everyone of THEIR bottles (?!?!?!?!!!) We even toyed around with the idea of Trader Joe's two-buck chuck, but those bottles are really a hit or miss sort of thing.

In the end, we've decided to buy boxed wine (yes, BOXED wine), and fill up pre-used wine bottles (washed and scraped of their previous identity) and slapping on our own custom label, as well as literally shoving a cork in it. With this particular project, any wine aficionados around the Bay Area reading this could definitely help us out by saving your own finished wine bottles until I next come home (when my mother will kill me for collecting these things). Also, if anyone, for some very odd reason happens to have a Gilda Hand Corker or a Bench Model Corker, PLEASE let me know as either of these would definitely come in handy, say a couple of weeks before the wedding. And if anyone is already an avid boxed-wine drinker, any recommendations would be well appreciated :)