Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Visually Delicious

So this past, beautifully sunny (though semi-windy) Sunday, Victor and I trekked down towards East Central Park and met up with our engagement photographer who offered two of her hours to us for free (yes, completely, 100% free). I just grabbed the CD that she promptly sent to me from my mailbox, and I am happily flipping through them all and analyzing all of my minute flaws. Half jaykay, they are really beautiful. It was so fortunate that we went on a day that was neither glaringly bright nor dismally gray. I tried uploading a few onto the blog here, but the quality was disappointingly poor. So, of course, I turn to my trusty, dusty winkflash account, but also find it falling tragically short of my expectations. Finally, I trudge over to flickr, which I sort of have been avoiding for unknown reasons other than the fact that SO MANY people seem to have it (though, now that I think about it, they're all the ones with DSLR's... hrmm...) As I am speaking, a few select photos are uploading, and by the end of the post I am sure they will be ready for viewing :)

Why upload so few, you may ask? I personally kind of like an element of surprise and secrecy when it comes to the big day. I don't want to reveal too many images for now simply because I don't know if I'll be placing some of these on thank-you cards, save-the-dates, or maybe just printing them out for people. If I do, I don't want people to think that they can toss my hard-spent six cents simply because they're all online. I want people to actually cherish the paper copy that I choose to give to them. Selfish and silly? Oh, very much so.

I see on the tab that the flickr upload is 100% complete, so here I will offer you a taste of our beautiful faces and leave you all begging for more :)

Monday, April 13, 2009

Have Your Cake

Victor and I have been talking about alternatives to the $900-is-cheap wedding cake, and one of the ideas that I've had brewing in my mind since I took my first couple bites of one, is actually having people help us out by baking like, 300 cupcakes.

OKAY yes, I know that sounds ridiculous and insane, but I don't see what would be sooo utterly impossible about it. Most of the challenge would probably come from one of two areas: 1) Finding and making a recipe that would put out a cake that is still pleasant and delicious a day or two after the initial baking, and 2) Transporting the monstrosity of it all.

I wouldn't fuss too much about the perfection of the decoration, mainly because, well, I have Leslie Wang on my side. harhar. Aside from that though, I think a quick swirl of frosting finished with a cute M&M topper (custom-made) is, right now, perfection in my mind. I've sort of been looking up products, such as paper cake boxes, and cupcake stands to see just what my savings could be, assuming the kitchen (and the products) do not become utter disasters come the week of the wedding. While exploring, I discovered THIS.

Okay, please, look at that beast. ISN'T IT ADORABLE! I want one now just to bake one. AND WHAT A PERFECT TOPPER FOR OUR MOUND OF CUPCAKES. Williams-Sonoma is so fun. Too bad it's ridiculously expensive.

In any case, I hate how all the research I've been doing basically says the same thing: Everyone milks weddings for their money. Well, I refuse to let someone take advantage of me, and I also refuse to let someone else just waltz off with the down-payment of my first house (or, at least, part of it) by manipulating me and saying that it's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to... become poor?

Okay, I've got a midterm tomorrow and a final on Wednesday that I probably should have been studying for while I was researching this. In any case, if anybody's gonna be in the Bay Area next summer and wouldn't mind being on my ML team (for, manual labor), notify me and I will definitely abuse our friendship in the kindest of ways. In any case, I'm off to have some banana pudding.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Hello New Blog!

A few nights ago I posted Victor and my first weddingnews update on my livejournal, and since nothing has actually happened in the last 36 hours, 18 for which I was asleep, I’m simply transferring that post here:

So the only real news as far as the event itself, is that Victor and I have bagged a free engagement photographer! They’re trying to expand their portfolio because they don’t have any engagement photos yet, but everything is good if it’s free. Today Victor and I went shopping for outfit “enhancements,” but there is still one piece of clothing that I am on the hunt for. I hope 5th Ave. and the giant Macy’s will not disappoint tomorrow.

I have also “narrowed” down the reception site potentials to uh… eighteen. and it IS narrowing because the list used to be EVERYTHING on herecomestheguide.com. At least within the bay area. But I’ve eliminated a good number based on the number of guests we’re thinking of having, and of course general prices. I’m still having a tough time eliminating the ones that are on the more moderately expensive side, just because the photos make the places look so beautiful, and I’m desperately hoping catering prices can be negotiated on the basis of “ethnic preferences.” Haha. I will probably have a post all about what I would like to have for food at some later date, but today is not the day.

Also, I’ve been working with the wonderful Leslie Wang on stationary designs, and hopefully that will begin to come to concrete fruition by the time I go home in May or in August, and will be printed and sent by the time we need the send the dates! Probably not for a good half a year or so, but STILL. I am so excited. Somebody stop me from going crazy. Or give me another wedding to help out with. Except now I’m sort of hogging my ideas because I want to use things for my own and I find myself hesitant to give my full imagination for other people. I am so selfish. Eh.

Okay, that’s all the updates for today, and I’m thinking they’ll be few and far between until things start rolling more come this summer. Be excited people! (read: Jen, Leslie, and Roger… and any of the other people who are tempted to discuss this event as “our wedding” instead of “your wedding” when corresponding with me)