Sunday, December 27, 2009

White Christmas

This year, our family decided to have ourselves a merry little white Christmas by taking a trip to Tahoe with some family friends and my precious fiance. This was to be the first snowboard/ski trip for both Victor and Chachu, our family friend (who also came with his parents), so we wanted it to be memorable. And memorable, it is to be.

Yesterday, we took our equipment and decided to practice a bit on a small hill that quickly became boring. Today, we actually purchased lift tickets and took a few trips down the (not so) treacherous and icy mountain. On the last run of the day, I decided to sit it out and spent the next 20 or so minutes looking for my brother and Victor to come charging down the hill. I saw John speed by and looked expectantly up the hill only to see Victor fall on his back and do a couple flips until he finally stopped. And stayed still. For awhile.

Optimistic me, I thought he was simply recuperating from a big fall. After he got up, took off his snowboard, walked the little bit of the rest of the way down, talked to my brother at the bottom of the hill, and came to where I was, I started realizing that something.. was not... quite right.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Victor had a concussion.

I know I am definitely not cut out for 50 first dates, especially since I started wanting to smack him after we had THE SAME CONVERSATION about three times. I usually knew that the conversation had restarted when Victor would ask "What happened?" or "Did I fall?" The next couple of questions would then be "Am I going to law school at Santa Clara?" followed by "Am I marrying you on August 1?"

John says that people usually ask questions about things most important to them when they're trying to remember things after a concussion, so I was a bit flattered the first time he asked that. After maybe the 3rd or 4th time, I started getting annoyed and snappy. He didn't ask anymore after that, so I think his unconscious decided to finally embed that knowledge permanently. Especially since he started saying, "I am marrying you on August 1. Right?"

On another note, my mother is going to make the next 4 or so generations of our family wear helmets when we go skiing or snowboarding due to this fall. Thanks a lot Victor.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Have Yourself

I love the blog Apartment Therapy: the Kitchen. I love how it fills my google reader with hundreds of posts every week from its plethora of authors, and I love that each of the writers give the blog a little something different.

One of their (more) recent posts is about 15 small luxuries for home cooks [which you can read HERE], and it talks about some artisan cheeses. This led to a hankering for some artisan cheeses to consume myself. I sense an upcoming trip to a local cheese shop coming up!

On Friday, I am planning to drag Victor with me here and there and around the city for a full day of fun and non-studying on Friday so that I can get my fill of the city's holiday spirit (Bryant Park holiday shops, Union Square holiday market, Rockefeller Christmas tree, etc!) before I go home, and mayhaps I shall add this little shop to the list and have ourselves a mini cheese and wine party (consisting of... one cheese and one wine). Still, I am looking forward to it. I love Christmas!

Anything you guys can't wait for as the holidays come up? Any creative ideas I can steal from you? :P

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Hello faithful followers of our blog! There are many exciting developments happening; but, it would be premature to announce them now. There is one announcement that I would like to make and hopefully, many of you will be excited to hear this announcement. If not, then I apologize for wasting your time and you can skip down to the joke posted below.

Originally, Maureen and I had hoped to be wedded on August 7th, 2010. Many things were set: vendors were booked, ceremonies were being mapped out in our heads and we were counting down the days. Then disaster struck in the form a scheduling conflict. The allHOC retreat was scheduled for that same weekend...DOOM! MAYHEM!! WHERE IS BATMAN?!?! Fortunately for us, all our vendors were available on our new date August 1, 2010. I am posting this as a claim of right. Maureen and I officially claim August 1st as our wedding day--where I will be claiming my bride.

Joke time!

Two snakes were out taking a stroll when the son snake turns to the mother snake and asks: "Mommy! Are we poisonous?"

"Why, yes we are", says the second.

Again the baby snake asks, "Are you sure we're poisonous?"

"Yes, we are very poisonous."

The baby snake becomes very upset. Again, he asks, "Are we really really poisonous?"

"Yes we are really really poisonous. In fact we're the most poisonous snakes in the world. Why do you ask?"

"I just bit my lip!!!"