Saturday, April 10, 2010


As many of you know, my sister and brother-in-law have a new baby! Well, he's about 11-weeks-old at this point, so by the standards of anyone less than seven-years-old, he's not really "new" anymore. In fact, he's quite old and we probably would have already finished playing with him and moved on to a new fad were he a toy. But he's not, and I am older than seven, so I am still completely in love and enthralled with him.

As another group of you know and almost all of you can probably infer, Victor and I have assigned him the honorable task of ring-bearer for our wedding! Since he will be little more than six and some months old, we aren't quite expecting him to bound down the aisle of the sanctuary in a tux walking on his own two feet, so the issue of transportation down that path has raised a few questions. Victor and I have fallen in love with this little wagon down here below:

Isn't it adorable? I personally really love it. It's kind of tiny, but provided the baby does not grow to be bigger than a one-year-old by the time the wedding rolls around (although rumor has it, we have some serious threat of that disaster), I think it would be fabulous to use. And wouldn't Maci look so cute toting this down the aisle with Micah sitting in there with something to cushion his already cushioned booty?

Now, when Victor brought this home and my family saw this, my mother immediately said that it would not do, and if Micah was traveling down the lane with any kind of vehicle, it would be the carriage that she recently purchased. Actually, she said stroller, but when THIS shows up at your house...'s a little difficult to still categorize it as anything other than a carriage. Granted it's cute, but not exactly what I had imagined carrying my ring boy down the aisle to prelude my own entrance. How would anybody even see him??

Anyway, we all know my obvious bias of affection towards the original wagon, but what thinks you all?

Friday, April 2, 2010

I can has musik?

In the beginning, Maureen and I thought that we would have our faithful iPod be our DJ. I mean, iPod knew all the music we liked, iPod is very good at taking directions, iPod had even begun working with us to make playlists and most importantly, iPod was free. But after hearing how iPod had betrayed a bride and groom at another wedding, we decided to reconsider.

Sorry Steve Jobs, your iPod can't do everything. So we got a professional DJ! Very detailed oriented, friendly and he will not be playing any songs by Lady GaGa, sorry but I hate her songs.