Sunday, March 21, 2010


So after a tidbit of advice, a couple of hours of internal debate, and a few days of active discussion, Victor and I have decided to hire a videographer! And we got a discount for having a Sunday wedding! (Beginner's hint to all wedding planners: all days other than Saturday pretty much always gets discounts of some kind.)

Looking back, I've never attended a wedding that had a videographer, so I'm not quite sure just how intrusive or awkward it will be. And to be honest, I never even thought about recording our wedding until my sister and her Victor brought up the fact that they had a couple of camcorders set up on a tripod, but no one ever got to splicing and dicing the parts, so now no one can really have fun watching anything. (Anybody up for a little video splicing and dicing on behalf of my sister and her nuptials?)

So after hearing that, I am definitely much excited about the prospect of having something from our wedding that Victor and I (and our hopefully coming offspring) can re-watch and listen to for years to come. And to laugh at and moan about when we are both fat and balding.

Just kidding about the balding part. And kind of the fat part. Yeah, I really hope neither of us ever reach that point.

In any case, if, at the wedding, you find yourself face-to-face with our videographer and his video camera (although this guy says that he does journalistic/fly-on-the-wall style, so he won't actually TALK to you or ask you questions), just act natural. I mean it! Natural! I know half of my friends are divas dying from lack of fame and fortune, but try to hold back, mkay? kthanks.

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  1. The true art of being a diva is making "acting natural" indeed be natural. I'm sorry, but my hair flips and award winning over-the-shoulder smile have become a part of who I am. :P