Sunday, May 9, 2010

Little Miss Sassy

While invitation-sending time is coming up quickly, I still have a weddingless week left in New York to deal with, so I decided that I would do a series of quick and adorable little quips about my three mini attendants. I still have yet to find the perfect photo of one of them for the website, but I am planning to catch her in an enrapturing and natural gleeful expression come VBS week. For today, however, I will spend a bit to talk about her sister.

Dear everybody, meet Chloe:

She is one of those blessed souls who can't help but be brutally authentic. Her mother tells me stories of when, in a fit of anger, she will convincingly proclaim, "I no love you!" only to turn around minutes later, roll her eyes and confess, "Okay mommy, I love you." She is such a bundle of attitude and energy packed into a 28 pound body, and I'm told that a shy hug from her means she loves you times a million. When her ridiculously cute face gives a big smile, my heart just melts. Yes, even when it's a mischievous one. While I am a fan of a smooth wedding procession, a secret part of me hopes she will display one of her playful antics as she tromps down the aisle to add a little spice to the whole day.

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